Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Winter Fragment 02 09

I can see the north west tip
beneaths the sun's crown
the sea is a soft soft jade
- almost grey
the day wears a bruise
siphoned through crimson

two walkers on a circuitous path

a pink slip
off the hem of north island
before the light s start to flash
their onerous task
that suspension
forever expanding

a carmine flood
leaching light
leached crimson
leaching down into night
beet root

incidental lights

deep deep soft ember

deep intense pink
resonant hum of a soft
red amongst deep grey blue
over soft grey green
like gathered over a shadow
immense lattitude
St Mary's mast visible
the wolf, roundhouse
hard to leave
the air is so much bigger

and time recedes
through this gap
of night
and I feel it
like a deep thrumb