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Mostly Manhattan 22 March 2012

Penwith, Cornwall Feb 2012

and then this land gives me something different
appasite (?)
A long view
- from somewhere else
as if it goes on other to stop
before it has started

the hill was as a soft bud
in its distance
folded amongst
pulled taught
its slight curve
gave me significance
and then I did not know it
only as a back of somewhere
i thought i knew

and this suspension
this unfoundness
I kept in folds
as a bud

and to open
as iris
as the light moves it changes its sense of perception
my focal point
brings the distant near
through gradation
until dark
with my hands
I feel
I reach
I try to grasp

this moment,

now is almost perfect
( in its incompleteness )
and I sit
see how long I will inhabit it
before time - tick - tock
wards me off
this moment
and in a microcosm to share
small flecks
of winter afternoon light
upon the grass
as green stars
that waver
in constant irregularity
is a memory of sweet spring
and summer green remembered

I could be here
and tilt my head backwards
let my eyes de-focus
and silently
make this treasure vast

Penwith, Cornwall Feb 2012

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tresco Jan 2012

From Here
I can see
an almost forever

All the west
all this,
a summation
through the gaps,
the prism,
the sky,
in paling light

so far
and it still makes me yearn
beyond an absolute
and here,
through these wind segments
of a bliss
and return
as pale as old china
gaze eternal
a great receding

holes in the clouds
point me in memory
and then to remind me of now

And as a wisp
a growing gesture
over my shoulder
the gibbous moon

and to dark
so to fading
light intense
and delicious
like night flowers
upon the lips

- this moment
does not frighten me to night

i expand
to nothingness
to find the brim
of the shine

these dark curves
touch this infinity

their turn of it,
a long thread

what is there but this
and not god
but heavenly gaze
along the vast curve.

Fan, three of one.

Fan 3.1

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

as the sun is brilliant

as the air is still

as this moment
is forever


This winter sun -
chase it
keep it
as treasure

its gold
magnifies the wish
to -
chase it
keep it
close, as treasure

the winter has no hiding place
from it

and I fold these petals
for a time
and mark its slow progression

and as it tricks me
I fold back
one more petal towards spring


the back of night

as it falls
long memory line

if i'd not known you there