Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mostly Manhattan 22 March 2012

Penwith, Cornwall Feb 2012

and then this land gives me something different
appasite (?)
A long view
- from somewhere else
as if it goes on other to stop
before it has started

the hill was as a soft bud
in its distance
folded amongst
pulled taught
its slight curve
gave me significance
and then I did not know it
only as a back of somewhere
i thought i knew

and this suspension
this unfoundness
I kept in folds
as a bud

and to open
as iris
as the light moves it changes its sense of perception
my focal point
brings the distant near
through gradation
until dark
with my hands
I feel
I reach
I try to grasp

this moment,

now is almost perfect
( in its incompleteness )
and I sit
see how long I will inhabit it
before time - tick - tock
wards me off
this moment
and in a microcosm to share
small flecks
of winter afternoon light
upon the grass
as green stars
that waver
in constant irregularity
is a memory of sweet spring
and summer green remembered

I could be here
and tilt my head backwards
let my eyes de-focus
and silently
make this treasure vast

Penwith, Cornwall Feb 2012