Thursday, 25 January 2007

Worked on more Sicily stuff, seems to be coming together. Starting to think of larger works and also what for Venice in June. Looking at blue sky through my roof light.
Walked out to the cliffs at Treen, late afternoon, perched on a ledge looking out and down.
Feel at a good place at the moment, sought of floating, indeterminate. Quite content to observe.
Make notes, regard the waves below meeting the sand, a lace frilled edge.
Thinking of change or more so development.

Sunset was gold.
great rays like a childhood stretching across the sky
pale blue to yellowing candle light
gold like gold

a red sun, large on the horizon,
big bright ember
south of scilly

pink violet from the east slowly creeping towards west like a soft lid of night
half moon directly above

Monday, 22 January 2007

Inside:Fuggy grey day as I was up all last night welded to cubase making sound (as opposed to music)

Carrying on with Sicily web diary. Editing notes from sketchbooks and the diary I kept on the trip. Seems ok although trying to keep words and images separate but still together(!) ie both are linked but different methods. I suppose the whole thing is a way of looking at it again, after the event, after initial buzz. Remembering things.

Outside: Sun came out, wind went round to the north and filled the bay with white horses. Pink clouds at dusk. Cold
Clear deep blue evening with crescent moon

Saturday, 20 January 2007


Outside - the sky is clear blue from the west, a relief after all that grey.
Very still and calm, that Cornish winter sun filled air.

Inside - the studio now has light , but I'm looking at a lot of blank canvases and pieces of paper, ideas and sketches stuck on the wall.
A pile of notes and drawings stacked up from my trip to sicily in september which I am slowly working through - need to reconnect with that. No ideas of larger pieces yet, though some murmurings and thoughts. Quite happy with just the small pieces at the moment as a way of keeping the images in me. ( anti winter brain hibernation)
Want to put the whole thing up on my website, not sure of its form yet.

All this stuff is such a distraction from actual work.

Outside - must remember daffodils are showing and birds singing

Inside - Fiddling about with cubase and making long ambient soundtracks for my studio, one day will try to link it all in - visual / audio, though seems quite cliched